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jumping dancer

Muppet Christmas Carol: Choreography Pat Garrett


Featured Masquerade Dancer

Phantom of the Opera: Choreography Peter Darling


Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Finding Neverland: Choreography Jonothan Butterall



Doctor Dolittle UK Tour 1999-2001

Playing the principal role of Chee Chee 

Souls in Motion IV: European Tour

Soloist. Choreography: Anthony Van Laast, Claud Paul Henry, Stewart Arnold

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat UK tour 1995-7

Issaacar's wife and Apache Dancer

Classically trained at the London School of Classical Dance (later known as the West Street School of Dance), Clare graduated straight into her first production & spent the next 20 years working in the profession.

She performed in a range of genres & mediums from company work with the Souls in Motion Dance Co., to regular commercial work with choreographers like Bruno Tolioni, Kevan Allen & Luca Tomassini, from musical theatre productions with choreographers like Anthony Van Laast to movie productions with choreographers like Peter Darling and Pat Garret.

After taking a sabbatical as a SCUBA diving instructor, Clare returned to the world of dance to attend the Professional Dancers' Teaching Diploma (PDTD) at the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). This she gained with Distinction & has been teaching dance (primarily ballet) ever since. She also trained at the Anna Morgan Dance Teacher Training college to gain her Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) Diploma in Dance Education (DDE) in Modern Theatre Dance.

A dedicated professional it's her passion to help dancers work in harmony with their bodies & minds to become the best dancers possible. 

Here's a selection of her experience in the profession as a performer, choreographer & teacher.

Location Kent, England

Able to travel & teach on line

About Me

Special Skills

Rachel Stevens: Backing Dancer for the promotion of "My La Ex". Appearances included Top of the Pops, CD:UK & Live at the Kumars.

Geri Halliwell: Backing Dancer for her "From Russia With Love" tour. Choreography: Luca Tomassini

Tina Cousins: Backing Dancer throughout her European and UK appearances during 1999. Including Top of the Pops. Choreography Johnny H, Myself and Alicia Clarke.



Gimme Just a Little More Time: Kylie Minogue. Choreography: Venol John

You're my No. One: Sclub 7even. Choreography: Priscilla Samuels

I've Got a Spell On you: Bryan Ferry. Choreography Les Child

Pop Videos

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

Professional Dancers' Teaching Diploma (PDTD) & Registered teacher Status (RTS)

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) DDE Registered teacher

Dance Styles: Classical Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Commercial.

Other skills: Choreography, Writing, Presenting, SCUBA diving, Teaching


IPresented the Idents between programs 2002-2003

Tiny Living

Tiny & Crew

Played Tam the Dancing Ragdoll: choreography myself.

Lenny Henry Show


Regular commercial dancer performing on tradeshows for Toyota, among others

Kevan Allen & Sophie's People

Played Trunkie the dancing elephant

Geneva Motorshow

Dancing sporty type for Nissan, choreography: Micha Bergase Advertisement

Played Trunkie the dancing elephant


Hasland Dance Studios

Regular choreographer for their bi-annual production as well as competition solos and duets.

Played a dancing Mrs Overall in spoof musical comedy sketch to "My Milkshake"

Tiny & Crew

Played Tam the Dancing Ragdoll: choreography myself.

Queen's Golden Jubilee

Featured Artist. Choreography: Lietze Bikke Advertisement

Played Trunkie the dancing elephant


Tring Park Associates Holiday Courses

Regular Guest Teacher on their Ballet Intensives

Bridge Academy of Performing Arts

Owner and teacher (RAD ballet and ISTD modern)

Hasland Dance Studios

RAD ballet teacher

Frank Skinner Show

Choreographed a series of items for his comedy show

Richard Blackwood Show

Choreographed and performed in the can can skit with Ben Elton

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